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Are you an Investor?

 If you are looking for great investment properties, then you are in the right place!

Some of the main investment strategies we deal with are:

Buy to let

Lease options

Below market value & flips (in excess of 20% ROI)

H.M.O – houses of multiple occupancy


Let us help

If you are currently pressed for time between work, family and squeezing in leisure, then looking for that perfect investment property can be stressful. Searching on your own, you could view over 50 properties before making an offer; then there’s the research into the chosen property. You may spend even more time investigating an area you’re not familiar with.

Here at allsourced, we do the hard work for you.

As an investor, let us take the load off your hands whilst you carry on with daily life and reap the benefits! All of our properties offer returns in excess of 20%.

Our relationships with estate agents and letting agents reach across many areas of the UK, so we are normally informed of properties before they go to the open market.

Why choose allsourced?


Spend more time doing the things you love: leave the rest to us! Property viewings can take up a lot of time. You could view on average 50-100 properties before finding the right one, especially if you have a specific investment strategy. By working with us, deals that meet your chosen criteria will be emailed straight to you. View your potential properties from wherever you are!


We ensure all chosen properties will give you the right returns. We check everything: from local amenities, transport links and nearby schools, to distance from nearest town centres. We also check supply and demand for the chosen area; current tenant demographics; cost of maintenance (for previous 3 years etc.) and we include all the number crunching, so you can get your desired returns.


If the vendor/landlord has more than one property to sell or pass on, then we give you first refusal on all properties before they go to our list of investors.


When working with us, we offer access to our power team. This is an excellent opportunity to utilise when investing. Our power team is built up of:


Mortgage Brokers

Maintenance Team

Project Management

Local Letting Agents

Local Estate Agents


To ensure we maximise your best results for an investment, we arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss your criteria in depth. Guide us with what suits you: we can meet in person over a coffee, or a Skype or Zoom call can be arranged.


With us, you receive regular weekly updates: we update you with every step of the process. From purchase to completion, it is imperative that you feel up to speed with your investment- we won’t leave you in the dark!


We are highly dedicated to retaining trust between us and our investors. Rest assured, information provided to us will be kept safe and secure. You, as investors, are treated with upmost respect and privacy.

An extra ‘peace of mind’ for you

allsourced would not pass a property to our investors if the property was not fit for our own portfolio. We speak to multiple agents in the local area of the property to make sure the supply and demand is right for the chosen property. If local agents think the property is poor- or the property will struggle to rent or sell- we will simply walk away and move onto the next.

To ensure the property is bought or rented out at the right price, we compare at least 3-5 more (in the immediate area) to ensure our figures are correct.

We want you to receive the right return on your investment.

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